Andrew the Home Buyer

Who am I and why should you choose me?

Hi, I’m Andrew the Home Buyer, and you may ask yourself, who is this guy, and why should I sell him my house?

I would like to tell you how I got on this journey and how I have become one of the best and most trusted cash buyers in Arizona.

When I was 18 years old, the summer before attending ASU, I started selling door to door for Dish Network. After proving myself and becoming one of the top Account Associates in Arizona, I soon climbed the ladder to Regional Manager. This allowed me to travel and see a lot of the country, where I led teams in multiple states. This helped me to grow and develop tools I would later need in life.

Fast forward a few years… I married the love of my life, Samantha, and didn’t think things could get any better. Little did I know my life was going to change. Coming home from work one day, Samantha told me she was pregnant. At that point, I knew I needed a career that wouldn’t require me to travel across the country away from my family so much. Life got even better when our beautiful 8-pound baby boy, Kingston, was born.

During this period of my life, I quit my job as a regional manager. After many prayers and searching, I got a call from Jesus (and my eventual partner, Kyle). Kyle showed me I had tools that would be very successful in the real estate market. I am driven, passionate, charismatic, and always willing to learn.

I have always had a competitive heart. Coming from a family with 5 boys, 5 girls, and being the youngest brother, there was always an urge to try and be my best. All of these experiences in my life have made me what I am today. Not only that, but all of this is why it makes me the best candidate to make you the best cash offer on your house.

Call me, Andrew the Home Buyer, today at 602-529-1000 or fill out a couple questions using the link below to get your FREE no-obligation cash offer on your house.