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Andrew the HomeBuyer made the entire process a smooth and stress-free one. He was professional, friendly and went above and beyond to provide me with a great price for my house. His offer was the most competitive of all the offers I received and within just one week we were able to close the deal and have the cash in my bank. Every single person I dealt with throughout the transaction was courteous and helpful. I sincerely appreciate everyone's efforts in making this such an easy and pleasant experience. Thank you!
Frank G.
Phoenix, AZ
If you're planning to sell your residence, this is absolutely the organisation to call. Andrew provided a really good offer when he visited my parents' house and he was professional, truthful, and easy-going. We are sure to benefit from his services again in the future.
Lia R.
Peoria, AZ
I highly recommend working with Andrew the Home Buyer and his team! They were incredibly diligent, gracious and most of all, successful. From securing a great cash offer without any concealed charges to feeling well-looked after while making decisions, they truly exceeded my expectations. I couldn't be more pleased with my choice to work with them!
Emma K.
Mesa, AZ

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Andrew the Homebuyer was my savior in selling my townhouse. He made the process so effortless and easy, with a cash offer and a fast closing, that I was able to stay in my house for a few weeks after sale for free. In addition, he was very professional, friendly, and welcoming during the walk through. Not to mention, Shawna was an absolute gem in responding to all of my questions along the way. Overall, I had an amazing experience and would highly recommend Andrew the Homebuyer!
Tia C.
Phoenix, AZ
My family was relocating to a new location for work, so we had to part with our house for some well-needed funds. Fortunately, Andrew offered to purchase it, and even gave us the opportunity to stay in the house for 30 days after we received our money. He was very transparent with his plans and was remarkably generous towards us. We extend our sincerest gratitude.
Brandon T.
Phoenix, AZ
We had our home on the market with one of the most well-known real estate agents advertised on television. They said we'd have a buyer within a few days - yet after nearly two months, it was obvious it wasn't going to happen. So we contacted Andrew and he came through for us within a day. He didn't want any inspections or repairs and closed the deal quickly! Plus, he even gave us two weeks after closing to use the house at no cost!
Kasey W.
Gilbert, AZ
Recently I sold my home with the help of Andrew. The process was surprisingly straightforward and the cash offer he gave me was much higher than what I expected. I'm very pleased with the results, and would absolutely recommend him!
Janet S
Mesa, AZ

Andrew the Home Buyer is an innovative cash home buying program that offers homeowners the opportunity to maximize their cash offer and eliminate expenses.

With our one-on-one support, you’ll have the freedom to negotiate your own terms for your sale, giving you more control over the real estate transaction. Here are some reasons why you should choose Andrew the Home Buyer: we make the cash offer process more straightforward; you won’t have to pay any fees; you can avoid the hassle of a traditional sale; and you’ll receive personalized support throughout the process
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