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should I auction my house in AZ

Should I Auction My Arizona House

Should I Auction My House? While most Phoenix, AZ homeowners still prefer selling properties through traditional platforms, more and more sellers try auctions. These public sales provide owners a chance to sell their house fast, at times with a profit. However, before auctioning off your property, it’s essential to understand the process first. There are…

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sell wholesale house deals

Sell Us Your Wholesale House Deals in Arizona

If you’re a real estate investor looking to sell your wholesale house in Arizona we need to talk. Maybe your list of buyers hasn’t produced the results you need, or maybe your property requires rehab and you’re not sure where to turn. Let’s do business. We are AndrewTheHomeBuyer.com and we buy wholesale homes. AndrewTheHomeBuyer.com is…

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cracked foundations in AZ

Do Liquid Foundation Repair Kits Really Work?

Are you bothered by the cracks in the foundations of your Arizona property? Large stress cracks form when a house settles, or the earth underneath it moves. These cracks don’t usually compromise a home’s structural integrity, but they do provide an entrance for groundwater, insects, radon gas, and other contaminants that may worsen the damage.…

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water damage property

Four Types of Hidden Water Damage

Water is a vital part of life and we couldn’t last long without it! But when it comes to homes, water is one of our worst enemies. Statistics show that over $2 billion is spent cleaning up water damage in the USA each year — and that’s only what the insurance companies cover! Sadly, the…

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Andrew the Home Buyer Andrew Brent Phoenix

How Long Do Houses Take to Sell

How Long Do Houses Take to Sell Experienced home sellers know that it takes quite a bit of planning to sell a house. One of the questions you will likely ask yourself the first time you attempt to sell a home is how long the process takes. Honestly, there is no simple answer to the…

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