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Downsizing AZ homes and houses help

The Hurdles of Downsizing Your House

  Human beings really are creatures of habit, and it can be difficult to get on board with significant changes in our daily lives and the routines and experiences upon which we have come to rely. Few realms of life illustrate this better than that of the home environment. Our homes are where we experience…

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Foreclosure Statistics 2020

Your Guide to Foreclosure Statistics 2020 and Facts  Foreclosure Filings Up 13 Percent in January 2020  Foreclosure Starts Down, but Not Everywhere in January 2020  Homes in Foreclosure Drop to 282,800 in Q1 2020  Two-Thirds of Default Servicers Expect Increase in Foreclosure  NY Calls for 90-Day Suspension of Foreclosures  Foreclosures Suspended for 60 Days Nationwide…

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